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'''John William Jamieson Herivel''' (29 August 1918 – 18 January 2011) was a British science historian and former World War II Cryptanalysis|codebreaker at Bletchley Park. As a codebreaker concerned with Cryptanalysis of the Enigma, Herivel is remembered chiefly for the discovery of what was soon dubbed the '''Herivel tip''' or '''Herivelismus'''. Herivelismus consisted of the idea, the John Herivel#The Herivel tip|Herivel tip and the method of establishing whether it applied using the John Herivel#The Herivel square|Herivel square. It was based on Herivel's remarkable insight into the habits of German operators of the Enigma machine|Enigma cipher machine that allowed Bletchley Park to easily deduce part of the daily key (cryptography)|key. For a brief but critical period after May 1940, the Herivel tip in conjunction with "Cryptanalysis of the Enigma#Operating...
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